K-9 Academy Dog Training Services, Tulsa OK

Dawn helped two of my french bulldogs complete their CGC titles. She worked with Cali first. After reaching a road block with the down command while working with another trainer, I took Cali to Dawn and she had her doing the down command consistently in one day. I was so happy with the results I took Maxine to Dawn for the full obedience training and she too achieved her CGC title with ease.
I highly recommend Dawn for training your dog. F.Proctor.


Dealing With Aggressive Behavior

Major was being aggressive towards me and wouldn't listen to my commands. We attended the 2 week boot camp. Major has totally transformed in to the dog I wanted. He is protective of the property but listens and respects me with no aggression issues. 

Control Issues

We brought Ike and Izzy to Dawn at the same time for the 2 week training. They stayed with her during that time. They both were trained all their obedience commands successfully and Ike was also very high energy and a very silly boy. We are very satisfied with the training Dawn has done on our Boxers. They are much more controllable now.

Obedience Commands

My dog Beaudroux needed some training to brush up on his obedience. He is a search and rescue dog invited to work with Fema. Beaudroux completed all of his commands successfully with the one on one program Dawn provides.  He is working much better for me on healing, staying and coming especially.