Riley was a very dominant female with people aggression issues. She now has no aggression and is well managed on and off leash.

Board and Train

Your pet will be in an in home enviroment with 24 hour supervision.

All Dogs are required to have proof of up to date vaccines.

In between training there will be play time and interactions with other dogs. 

In regards to training collars, it is not a one type fits all situation. There are several choices for training collars and we use the appropriate collar that works for each individual dog. We have used many different training tools and find that when used correctly they are very helpful in getting the response we want from the dog. Having 38 years of experience we have learned a lot and are very diverse in how we handle dogs because dogs react differently to training and we modify and tailor to your dogs needs. All of which is discussed before you sign up. It is a focused base training with positive reinforcement.

When we discuss the evaluation of your pet, we will decide together the best plan for you and your dog. It is 50% training your pet and the owners training is equally important.


Why Choose K-9 Academy

1) Registered Master Trainer and Affiliated with and Trained by United States K-9 Academy 

2) 5 years of Vet Technician Experience 

3) 38 Years of Experience Training Any Behavioral Problems, Obedience On and Off Leash 

4) We train dogs to sit and stay or down and stay where ever we ask them too. No mat or placement needed. The dogs are trained to follow rules and do their commands, and behave properly. They will still have their personality when done with training just calmer, more focused, obedient, well behaved and will understand the word "NO". 

Give us a call and lets put a plan together for a more rewarding and successful life with your pet.  

" Leadership is key to a balanced relationship with your dog"

Dawn Wohlgemuth



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